Live to Eat

I'll the be the first to admit my love for food. I eat it daily, and will most likely continue for the rest of my life. My current quest is to create the perfect breakfast involving bacon, onions, tomato, and Worcester sauce. Serve it with a big piece of toast and a coffee... excuse me, my mouth is watering.


How you say…?

 I'm a compulsive eavesdropper—I can't let any string of words go uncomprehended.  I speak English, French, Persian, and German to varying degrees, always have my nose buried in something, and love to confabulate. I'm even learning an arcane text editor because it feels like a language.


(Food + Language)

Eating unknown food in a new place, surrounded by foreign accents? Navigating new visual landscapes coupled to different histories, cultures, politics, and religions? Yes. Please. Comprehending a wildly different place is like solving a complicated project how did this place come to be? Where or how do I fit in? I love it.