I'm a big proponent of the Pomodoro time tracking method, where work periods are separated into 25 minute intervals.

Normally a timer is used, like

What if I could make it work with my wireless lights?

Long story short, I did. You can read about my process in this blog post, or go ahead and clone the repo on github.


Recently I put together a script to talk to Flickr's API, querying the total number of hits for a particular set of photos and reporting the sum. This was to automate a portion of the work done by #engagementlabs, my current employer.

The script is wrapped in a GUI and encapsulated—dependencies and all—as an App that can be launched from any computer running OS X. Linux and Windows would be easy to support as well, but the workplace is an exclusively mac environment.


Raspberry Pi & 3D Printing

While I was on exchange to The Bauhaus, I decided to jump into the world of Raspberry Pi, 3D printing, and... product design. Adventures ensued.

Arduino & Kinect

Working in a class of mine, I was challenged with creating an educational installation using interactive technologies. So I designed and built a working prototype that brought the user and art closer together. See more here


Drawing is how I unwind, letting the pen do the work while I sit back and marvel. These are automatic drawings, aside from the recurring words; standoffish but inquisitive at the same time. Some drawings ask what are YOU lookin' at?  while simultaneously asking what are you looking at?

View them here.


Much of the video work I've done is silly or esoteric. It often involves a degree of surrealism and music, juxtaposing two disparate sources to create something new and a little unsettling. I love to take familiar things and render them uncanny, with the goal of challenging the audience to think differently than before.

Watch them here.