Dear #engagementlabs team,

At my core, I am driven by twin passions: learning and communication. These two passions have led me through countries, through universities, and now to applying to work for you, #engagementlabs. I’m fascinated by your role as a social agency, combining so many facets of contemporary culture; you sit at the crossroads of design, business, technology, marketing, advertising… and that’s where I want to be.

My path has led me to you, but it hasn't always been a straight one. I chose to switch from being a computer engineering student at Waterloo to being a design student at York/Sheridan in 2010. It is a choice that has held me in good stead as I’ve learned how to communicate with pictures and text as readily as I could with the written and spoken word. Design is communication, and thus satisfies one of my twin passions.

I am extremely computer literate, from both a hardware and software side. Not only can I use the full Adobe suite without breaking a sweat, I can build and optimize the computer on which my Photoshop is running. My current desktop computer has been a labour of love, since it’s through creative software that I manifest my ideas. Building and maintaining it while also working with Arduinos and Raspberry Pis has been a constant learning, satisfying the other of my twin passions.

My previous work experience includes 3 summers working as a CAD operator for Plan Group, a brief stint as consultant/jack-of-all-trades for Bachmann-Druck while on exchange in Germany, and freelance graphic design for a variety of clients. I can speak English fluently, French well, and have some experience with German and Persian. I’ve studied in both The UK and Germany, can read Arabic script, travelled as far as Turkey, and been in two stage shows in The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

I believe my skills as a designer, as a communicator, and as a technically-savvy person—when coupled with my broad experience outside of the classroom and workplace—make me an asset for #engagementlabs.

I’m excited to work with you! You can view my portfolio on this website and you can see my professional and educational history on LinkedIn

Warm regards,


Dylan Mitchell-Funk